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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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drivers search for clues in a deadly accident after a car plunges off the santa cruz wharf and in to the water. where the rain is headed now. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. thunderstorms to the north in parts of solano and yolo county. meteorologist mark tamayo is here with a look at the flash flood water. >> most of the bay area had partly sunny skies, pretty robust thunderstorms develop during the 3:00 to 4:00 hours
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by mid-afternoon. here is a look at the satellite and radar. you can see what's been happening on the trough of northern california and with that a flow setting up like this, bringing moisture closer towards parts of lake county and parts of solano county as well. what you cannot see here is the yellow and reds, corresponding to the thunderstorms. in this region and the flash flood warnings in place right around the burn zone of the rag fire. that flood warning is in place until 7:00 this evening. thankfully they have been tapering off quite a bit. this afternoon during their 3:00 to 4:00 hours, most of the rain moved in to the region as they would pick up .75 inches of rain. moving across interstate 80. on the satellite and radar right now, lingering clouds with a possibility of a pop-up shower. here is the bay point camera looking out at region. coming up we'll let you know if the shower chances will linger and also tracking a big warm up
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in your five-day outlook. >> thank you, mark. six people are recovering from stab wounds after a teenager attack add group of people at a party last night. investigators say it happened at 10:30 last night at an event in the town hall of madison. it's 11 miles west of woodland. that 18-year-old suspect was arrested a short time later near the venue as a spokesman says that their injuries range from minor to major and all were told to recover. marin county thunderstorms are announcing the results of two sex trafficking operations today, both occurring on october 7 as a part of operation cross country. the first sting is conducted in the canal area with the help of undercover female officers posing as prostitutes. they arrested 11 men there on sex solicitation charges. the second was conducted at the novado hotel where five men were arrested. police are looking in to
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what caused a car to plunge. they tell us that rescue crews pulled two people from the car. one died, the other is in critical condition. >> the drivers spent a part of the day scouring the water where the car went in saturday night. witnesses who were on scene last night returned today trying to learn the fate of the men inside that car. >> it's a tragic thing. and to see something like that and my daughter is asking me, you know, i hope that they are okay. >> they were not releasing the names of the men in the car, but confirmed that one man died as they brought one man out who still had a heartbeat. >> we have both victims out of the vehicle from the time of the dispatch. >> reporter: sources tell us that they never slowed down as they popped over the small curb here and then teetered for a moment before finally plunging in to the water. >> it didn't sound like the somewhat typical gas pedal
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break pedal, it sounded like the vehicle was driving erratically down the wharf. >> reporter: steven baxter tweeted out the rest of the photos last night. some returned today and told ktvu that rescuers began diving in to the water almost immediately. in the end it took half a dozen water rescuers more than 20 minutes to locate the car in 25 feet of murky water to bring them inside to the surface. >> and it was remarkable what they did, especially considering that they did it with no scuba tanks. they were 25 feet down, searching for 30 to 40 seconds coming back up to take a big gasp of air going back down. >> reporter: as for the cause of the accident, they would confirm the blood samples, if they were intoxicated, recovering the white cadillac, testing it to see if it was working properly. in santa cruz, fox 2 news. thousands of cal state workers are set to vote tomorrow on whether to authorize that strike following
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the stalled contract negotiations. 25,000 union members on all 23 csu campuses are expected to take part in the vote. the main sticking . has been about pay. the union wants at least a 5% raise for all members. the university is offering 2%. that's the same increase it says that all other csu employees received. well, it was moving day today for a little white house in the shadow of children's hospital of oakland. the hospital has owned that house at the corner of martin luther king jr. way for 13 years, now giving it away for free to make room for a new outpatient center. david stone was the lucky recipient. that the hospital finally picked him because he had a lot that is vacant right across the street. >> i think that when you are moving the house, the main thing is where you're going to move it too as you don't want to move it very far as that worked out for us. >> the hospital is also giving some $20,000 in moving
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expenses, saying that they must bring this house up to code and that they will eventually rent it out. >> san francisco police are said to hold a community meeting tomorrow to talk about their deadly officer-involved shooting. on thursday, a construction worker flagged down two sergeants about a man throwing bottles in the street at eighth and market as one of the sergeants tried to handcuff that suspect, astrology ensued and the man grab their weapon and pointed it at them. and that is when they said that they fired two shots. the police chief is hosting tomorrow's meeting at noon at the bell graham civic auditorium. >> they were said to open tomorrow, the 3-mile stretch of the hov lane has been added in the southbound direction from the road and marina boulevard. now, nearly a quarter million cars travel on 880 each day and transportation officials hope that the new lane will ease that commute in the busy corridor shaving off about five minutes of drive time. there could be delays tomorrow on the golden gate
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ferry to and from san francisco. crews are working to retrofit and replace the boarding ramp. the work started friday morning, scheduled to be complete by tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. in southern california, interstate five and highway 58 remain closed in both directions. this after the heavy rains in the area caused flash floods and mud slides. dozens of holes were damaged and hundreds of cars were trapped on muds. the transportation officials say that 30 vehicles remain stuck in now hear donned mud. officials say that they would hope to reopen the lanes by thursday. on the campaign trail, the feud between donald trump and jeb bush is getting uglier by the day. this after trump said again that george w. bush failed to keep the country safe because of the september 11 attacks happened on his watch. elizabeth pran has more from washington. >> and jeb bush will continue
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to be the front runner about his 9/11 comments. billionaire donald trump doubles down, reiterating the world trade center towers came down on george w. bush's watch. >> i don't want jeb bush to say that my brother kept us safe because september 11 was one of the worst days in the history of this country. >> reporter: the bush campaign release add two-minute ad blasting the billionaire's ability to be commander in chief and an international heavyweight. blurbs of commentators pointing to gaps on trump's knowledge of foreign affairs. ben carson was back and forth left eager to pass judgment on the front runners intentions. sunday afternoon both carson, bush, and four other gop contenders gathered for a presidential forum in play -- plano, texas. they took on iowa city, telling voters he's staying away from personal attacks. he took on the massive topic of social security saying that it needs to be expanded.
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hillary clinton on the other hand not holding back any criticism when it comes to donald trump. he continues to overstep his boundaries. >> i'm going to continue to criticize him for going beyond the bounds of what i think is appropriate and for anybody running for president. >> reporter: the speculation about the possible joe biden run continues with very little indication about the timing of an announcement. in washington elizabeth prayn, fox news. police in florida are looking for gunman that opened fire at the zombie fest killing one person and injuring five others. the gunfire sparked panic among festival goers dressed in zombie costumes many with fake weapons. it happened just before midnight local time. cell phone video shows chaos as people ran from the commotion screaming. police responded quickly setting up the barricade, but the gunman got away. this is the 9th annual
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zombiecon, but some people will not be returning. >> i won't bring myself here, if guns are being pulled, not only is my life being on the line, there are many people around me. >> they hold that event every year as a fundraiser to help send local children to art and music camps. coming up, incredible images out of the philippines tonight. the race to rescue villagers caught in a super typhoon as heavy winds and rain pounded parts of the nation. iraq war veteran embarking on a 500-mile bike ride. hear how he said that cycling made all the difference in his recovery.
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frightening video coming out after they swept parts of
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the country today, thousands displaced as they ripped off buildings and uprooted trees. thousands of holes were swept away and officials say that power outages would plunge the entire provinces. israel a man armed with a gun and a knife opened fire at a bus station today, killing an israeli soldier and wounding ten other people. authorities say that it is one of the boldest attacks yet in a month-long rave of violence. connor powell has the latest from jerusalem. >> reporter: the bloodshed showing no signs of letting up here. at least one israeli is dead and one injured after they opened fire in the central bus station sunday night. police killing the assailant and shooting a man who was mistaken for an attacker. the latest attack on israeli comes after israel further
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tightens security. introducing a series of new measures. dozens of check points in the palestinian jerusalem and placing the concrete walls between the arab and israeli neighborhoods. violence erupted months ago as they push for more access on the holier sites known to muslims. and to the jews as the temple mountain. the effort in raising pal still januaries. john kerry announcing he'll meet with israeli prime minister in germany this week in an effort to calm tensions. again, he'll travel to the region. and what exactly did the secretary of state do to ease tensions here isn't clear. israeli police, they have described the attackers as lone wolf individuals, who would lack connections of the groups like hamas making it extremely difficult to stop. transportation officials
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are expected to announce new regulations on drones tomorrow. currently only the owners of commercial drones have to register their aircraft. now, the new regulations, which are expected to debut around thanksgiving would apply to everyone including people that fly drones as a hobby. this comes after several dangerous incidents such asdrones a that have crash landed, flying too close to the helicopters, also getting a little too close to fire fighting aircrafts. tomorrow is the last day they could register to vote for their november 3 election. and they held several registration drives today in richmond, sunset, and the mission districts. you can also register online and go to the top of and click on wet links. the road to recovery could be a long one for military veterans struggling with physical injuries and invisible wounds such as post-traumatic stress disorder. one organization began using cycling as a form of therapy almost eight years ago.
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the ride to recovery has grown to more than 30 cycling events across the country. this morning about 200 veterans continued that local tradition as starting the 500-mile bike ride from palo alto to los angeles. allie rasmus shows us how they changed that light and how the bay area resident helped. >> every morning it is helmet on, shoes clipped in, and out the door. they look like a pro on the racing bike, but took them a long time to get there when they woke up in the hospital ten years ago, they weren't sure if they would ever walk again. >> and the army veteran, out of the 27th infantry brigade. >> reporter: he was on the hatch of the humvee when a suicide bomber drove by. a traumatic brain injury and broken spinal cord left him with no feeling from the waist down.
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he had to learn how to walk all over again. >> my service dog would help me. >> reporter: even years, he was able to walk again with a brace, but the psychological scars from the experience in iraq hadn't healed. >> i remember a blast. >> a physical therapist at the palo alto told them about the program called ride to recovery, a 500-mile bike ride as they would take them from palo alto to l.a. to help them from physical wounds. the organization would modify their bikes to any veteran to take part no matter their disability. he had his doubts. >> i kept thinking that i'm not good enough they couldn't do it with my own leg. >> reporter: he trained hard and proved them wrong, during their ride last year. >> and training has helped me tremendously. i don't take any meds. i got off all my pain
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medications. i got on my bike and all the hanger and the frustration that -- all my anger and frustration that i had i would hop on my bike. i feel like i'm human again. >> reporter: after doing the race last year, he set a new goal for himself in 2015. graduated to a regular bike. >> i saw one of my buddies with no legs. he had both prosthetics and he rode up. if he could do it, i could do it. >> reporter: he is a designated ride leader, using a push bar like these. >> my goal this year is to push it up. i've been practicing all year and really looking forward to helping. that's why i'm gone. >> a way that people would help you last year. >> yes, i'm looking to pay it forward. >> reporter: in san jose allie
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rasmus ktvu 2 news. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo talking about the rain coming down in parts of the bay area. you're saying that it may be headed south? >> there is a chance. one of those deals you think it's a beautiful day. a few clouds and thunderstorms will pop up rapidly producing some intense rainfall rates up towards lake county, dropping to solano county as well and saw some showers at discovery bay as well. and that it has been cooling off. take a look at their highs from this afternoon, only in the 60s and the 70s. livermore maxed out. santa rosa 76 degrees. you can see what has been happening to some moisture moving in from the north, basically some instability to target parts of the north bay and skirt parts of the east bay as well. as you come in closer with a history from the past few hours that thunderstorm, right around as you cannot see, around napa county towards parts of antioch and moisture approaching that
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region. that flash flood warning in place and thankfully that the showers have backed off quite a bit in place until 7:00 this evening. the showers are kind of moving out of town. here is our bay point camera with lingering clouds out there. stale factor with a chance for a shower tonight and tomorrow and clearing skies, warming temperatures. tuesday and wednesday, we'll be sunny and warm. in fact a noticeable bump in those numbers because we'll have offshore winds kick in at that time of the year and the main drawback and the main threat is the increase. the fire weather watch for the north bay hills that could be expanded to include parts of the east bay as well for that region in place with monday night and tuesday and right on through monday morning. first thing tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies with a few mostly cloudy observations as well. all because of this guy, they will stick it around basically for the next eight to ten hours. so there is that chance for an isolated shower. winds are still a bit of a breeze at 20 miles an hour. once that moves out heading towards southern california,
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high pressure returns. the pressure difference will generate that flow and a noticeable number for monday, tuesday, fairly warm week ahead. here is what i'm tracking this forecast model, showing you the clouds and a chance for showers popping up across parts of the bay area. early monday morning, 178 a.m. with a slight chance at 5:00 to 6:00. then we would scale back on the clouds with mostly sunny skies for your monday afternoon forecast. as far as temperatures for tomorrow, everybody will be warmer, right around 80 degrees. out towards antioch and brentwood. san jose with a forecast high of 76. sunnyvale 74, san francisco 74. lots of upper 60s to near 70 right at the immediate coastline. warming temperatures on tuesday and wednesday, not a cloud in the sky, but the fire danger will be the biggest threat with the increasing offshore winds and that they will gradually cool things off. but thankfully that these won't be the extreme strong winds to get at this time of the year, but still a bump up in the wind speeds and because of the increase of the fire danger out
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there. >> okay, thank you, mark. well, two swimmers are recovering after a separate shark attack off the coast of hawaii. both of those attacks would occur on the coast of oahu. both were about between 50 and 100 yards offshore. they suffered serious injuries to their feet and legs. this is the 7th so far this year. coming up the 49ers are showing signs of improvements over the last couple of weeks. >> all coming together, verses the baltimore ravens. jason applebaum next in sports. 
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dozens of solar power vehicles competed today for a chance to win the 2015 world solar challenge in australia. now, the challenge told them that they have been going on since 1987. all from 25 different countries in a race across central australia from darwin. and the first cars, they will be expected to cross that finish line on wednesday. >> yes, and it is the 49ers as they need to win and it wasn't
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pretty. but when you are off to that start, nothing is really coming in for the 49ers, but they would take it, the only harbaugh in the house this time as the ravens, they would come to town, the baltimore ravens. he was trying to snap that four- game losing streak. look at colin kaepernick off the play action as he would find their foremen raven, tori smith. the 76-yard touchdown for harbaugh that he would let them have it, 13-3. and flacco off their back foot, two picks on the day. one of them the throw just like that off their back foot, but that made sense, that they would drop back wide open in their end zone. two touchdowns, visiting the vans at the stadium.
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and flacco on 4th down that he would roll right, he's looking, looking for the two-yard touchdown. 25-20. now the ravens are down five as the clock will tick down. and flacco, he has one last chance to win it from the 40. eric reid knock it is down and that's it the niners escape with a win, 25-20. and they improve to 2-4. more good newfor the 49ers here. steelers isn't good news, mike vick leaves the game with a bad hamstring that he might have been pulled, totally ineffective today verses arizona. landry jones their third stringer, another throw, threw eight of them today. two for touchdowns including this eight yarder to martavis giant. beating the cardinals 25-13. cam newton and the panthers facing marshawn lynch and marshawn being marshawn there. seahawks up three. cam newton backs to pass, finds
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wide open greg olsen for the game-winning touchdown. panthers win 27-23, improving to a perfect 5-0. seattle is now 2-4. good news for the niners in both the division teams lost. >> thank you, jason. coming up tonight, we're going to tell you about the incident in emoryville where a photography collector was killed. >> thank you so much for joining us with the early morning show at 6:00. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00 everybody.
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